Just to say thank you for your brilliant yoga classes this term - I have enjoyed trying out yoga and it has definitely inspired me to improve my balance! C.B.
Having done various yoga classes over the last 25 years I find Vanessa's classes very varied and interesting. 
Its great because you can work at your own level but also progress with variations on the same posture.
I go home energised and sleep well after the class. Everyone is very friendly and I have made some lovely acquaintances.
I also enjoy the saturday yoga/walk days which I wish could be monthly.   T.H.

A wonderful way to de-stress and to stay supple.  The pace is just right.  M.T.

I must say I do miss our sessions - you made an incredible difference to my flexibility and all round well-being. Whilst moving away for work etc. has been positive, I do miss the yoga - thank you. - Don

I really didn't know what to expect the first time that I went to a Yoga class, nearly two years down the line I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed. I come out of a class relaxed, yet having been challenged. The classes are varied so that you don't get bored and I really have noticed the benefits. I really enjoy the relaxation at the end to help refresh me.  Thanks for yoga, I really enjoy it!  B.N.

I feel classes are well balanced with a subtle but definite aim at more challenging moves; 
I feel you also have a keen awareness of any 'out of sorts' that someone might be experiencing.  N.L.

I have enjoyed coming to your classes for the last 2 years. You are an excellent teacher and provide a varied program of exercises every week. You are also very good at taking into account people’s health problems and making sure that they do not overdo it. It would be good if more men could be encouraged to come as yoga is good for both men & women of all ages and helps to keep you supple and fit. It is also very relaxing for anyone who is stressed out.  J.E.

I think we both find the sessions just right for balance of flexibility and strength, and personally could do with less of relaxation at the end (although the couple of minutes at the start is good).  The only other suggestion I have is to extend the sessions by 15minutes; otherwise we very much appreciate the sessions and will definitely continue.  D. & R. 

No pressure, not intimidating for people who’ve never done exercise in a group before, extremely relaxing. S.C.

Yoga is helping me fight the ageing process by keeping me flexible.  It also helps in the relief of digestive aches and pains.  V.P.

'I have really enjoyed this class, it ws the perfect re-introduction to yoga after a couple of years away'
'I like the flexibility of coming/paying when I can as life takes over!'
'It's a great class - great time to have it'
'Great class - I really enjoy it'
'Would like to to more sun salutations'
'Only to say Well done!'
'The class is a good mix of postures - the variety is good, too'
'Great class, carry on the great work'
'It would be useful to hand out posture descriptions occasionally, with suggestions for homework'
'It's a great class, thank you!'
'Classes very good and beneficial'

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